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"Self Portrait with Monstera Deliciosa"
Oil on Canvas . 80 X 100 cm

Feeling a little languid and lost after the People of Beeston project.

This painting is not currently for sale, because its been entered into a competition.

"Another Self Portrait - (or Ah! That's a nice cup of tea.)"
Oil on Canvas . 60 X 60 cm

This painting was shortlisted  for the Royal Society of British Artists Open Exhibition.


"Nasim (the Young Woman with Long Fingers)"
(Framed) Oil on Canvas . 76 X 100 cm

This painting was shortlisted for the Harley Open 2022.

It is one of my favourite paintings.



Lady with a Teapot - August 2021.jpg

“A Lady with a Teapot ”,
Oil on Board, 56 x 71 cm.