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"Two Ears of Sweetcorn"
Oil on Canvas . 50cm x 50cm

This is a painting of two ears of sweetcorn, picked that morning from the allotment.


"A Man's Right Arm and Hand"
Oil on Board. 32cm x 16cm

This is a painting of a man's right arm and hand. It is an experiment in colour and palette.


Arlington House Margate August 2021.jpg

'Arlington House, Margate’

Ink, Pencil, Wax Crayon, Chalk and Acrylic Wash on Watercolour Paper. 56 x 80ish cm.

Took a picture of Arlington House in the mist at night when on a work trip to Margate.


The View From High Spy

High Spy with My Little Eye

Oil on Canvas,100cm x 50cm

This is a painting of the view from Dale Head, Cumbria of High Spy, Maiden Moor & Newlands Valley.


The View from Beinn Fhionnlaidh

The View from Beinn Fhionnlaidh, September 2020

Oil on Canvas 40inches x 30inches

An impression of the undulating mountains of Scotland.


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