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Eileen Wood, Queen of the Allotment.

Eileen Wood, Queen of the Allotment.


(Oil, Charcoal and Acrylic on Plywood 60 x 90cm)

(Framed and ready to hang, overall size 82 x 112cm)


I got to know Eileen when I took on an allotment plot at the Grove Avenue allotments in Beeston. Eileen Wood is a believer in the ‘no-dig’ method of gardening, and her produce is proof that it works.


Eileen has also been the driving force behind developing a ‘community allotment’ on the site, which is used by local people for growing fruit and produce.


I was delighted Eileen agreed to let me paint her, and we had a perfect day to take the photographs with a bright, low evening sun. 


I had seen Eileen coming to the allotment in her straw hat, and it had fascinated me for weeks. I was delighted to get a chance to paint it (and her).

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