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Joe Hughes, Professional Boxer.

Joe Hughes, Professional Boxer.


(Oil, Charcoal and Acrylic on Plywood 60 x 90cm)

(Framed and ready to hang, overall size 82 x 112cm)


This is a portrait of Joe Hughes who is probably Beeston’s only professional boxer.


I was able to spend the morning with Joe as he trained and I was impressed by the dedication he has to the training and his sport. This is an incredibly physical activity and his training regime is really gruelling.


I tried all the traditional poses with Joe; punching bags and adopting the traditional boxers stance, but they all seemed clichéd.


Joe suggested he wrap his hands as he would in preparation for a match, sitting inside a large tyre which is used during training at his gym. As he sat and wrapped his hands, he revealed the thoughtfulness and care which is also part of a boxer’s nature. 

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