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Paula Hipkiss, Community Police Officer.

Paula Hipkiss, Community Police Officer.


(Oil, Charcoal and Acrylic on Plywood 60 x 90cm)

(Framed and ready to hang, overall size 82 x 112cm)


This is Paula Hipkiss one of the team of community police officers working in Beeston and the surrounding area.


I met Paula in Beeston Rylands, which is on her ‘patch’. She was constantly being greeted by passers by as she posed for my reference photos.


Paula has worked in Community policing for 12 years and won the Nottinghamshire Police PCSO award in 2018 for her contribution to neighbourhood policing.


Paula was delighted that I didn’t paint her in the normal ‘police’ pose, arms crossed and looking serious. I wanted to capture the human side to Paula, the woman behind the uniform.

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