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Tony Gayle, Manager of the Beeston Marina Café.

Tony Gayle, Manager of the Beeston Marina Café.


(Oil, Charcoal and Acrylic on Plywood 60 x 90cm)

(Framed and ready to hang, overall size 82 x 112cm)


Tony Gayle is the larger than life manager of the Café in Beeston Marina. Tony takes hospitality to a new level; you are always guaranteed a warm welcome from Tony.


Tony was born in West Bromwich and moved to Beeston 12 years ago, when he took on managing the café at the Beeston Marina.


Tony says, "When I first came here the cafe was bleak and rundown. The previous owner had no business sense, but I knew I could make a success of it. So what I did was to cycle round Beeston asking where the Marina was. Like I was lost. If they didn't know, then I would tell them, and if they did, I would tell them about the cafe".


This Painting has been selected for an open exhibition - more info available soon!


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