Matthew Lyons is a Nottinghamshire artist, working in Beeston. He grew up in Keighley a Yorkshire industrial town which is close to Bradford.

Matthew has had a lifetime love of art and design, studying design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Matthew's figurative work explores fragility, sensitivity and vulnerability. We have all usually felt ourselves to be vulnerable or uncomfortable, and these pictures can remind us of these times.

His paintings suggest a loose narrative, usually through the inclusion of a figure or figures in the work using a limited palette, his own evolved from the Zorn palette. He paints his figures with features, fingers or limbs distorted to emphasise the feeling of vulnerability or discomfort.

His landscapes, explore the ruggedness of the natural environment and the stark architectural vigour of brutalist buildings.

Exhibitions & Awards Include:

Shortlisted, The Harley Open, Mansfield. 2022.

Shortlisted, Royal Association of British Artists Open, 2022.

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, 2021.

Certificate of Merit, Luxembourg Art Prize 2021.

D31 Gallery Open Exhibition, Huddersfield, 2021.

The Harley Open, Mansfield. 2020.

At the Royal Academy of Art, Summer Exhibition 2021.